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Best NHL Poll Ever!

I have a tendency to go to my team website on game day when my Habs play - and then that of their opposition. That means today I had to sadly check out the Leafs website as well - the one passion that unites us all, heh...

Anyway, I loved the poll they had up today. It was the saddest excuse for a hockey-related poll I'd ever seen.

Here it is (cut and pasted):

What stood out most for you about the Leafs home opener?

  • 48th Highlanders (who appeared prior to the game)
  • Olympic athletes (who also appeared for a ceremonial puck drop)
  • Fans singing anthem (who copied what plenty of other teams have already done lately)
  • Hockey on Saturday night (which is a tradition as old as time itself, anyway)

    (Note: Anything pertaining to the choices in italics was added by me.)

    Well...did anyone in Toronto even notice there was a game? There must've been at least ONE Toronto-positive highlight within that 60 minutes, right? I didn't notice any myself, but that's because I was too busy watching the Habs score repeatedly.

    Seriously though - I can't believe even the website seems to have given up on this team already. Come on! I mean...at least Blake's goal was pretty cool.

    Ah well...GO HABS!!!
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