Sean (thefallen29) wrote in habs,

Well, at least Gainey can fix his mistakes...

See ya later, Sergei...don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

Somehow, Gainey found a taker for Samsonov and his bloated contract - we traded him to Chicago for Jassen Cullimore (whose $1.9 million deal we're just going ahead and buying out) and Tony Salmelainen.

I don't know anything about Salmelainen ($750K next season), but we got rid of an absolute cancer AND gave ourselves another $850K of cap room to help go after Briere or someone. Absolutely brilliant.

Also, Komisarek and Higgins were both re-signed....1.5M the first year and 1.9M the second year for both guys. I'm glad we locked them up...good day overall for Les Habitants, don't you think?
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Definitely a good day. Getting rid of Samsonov would have been good in and of itself. But locking up Higgins and Komiserek is just gravy.
Couldn't agree more.
Make's my day. =]
I would've been happier if we could get 30 goals out of Samsonov, but hey, this is the best of a bad situation that could've gotten ugly.