Sean (thefallen29) wrote in habs,

The home stretch

I'm so nervous about the next three games, I could scream. I figure that at the bare minimum, we have to win two...and might have to get at least a point in Toronto to be sure. You would have to think that Boston is a must-win, especially as they've tailed off so badly in the last two weeks or so. We have to hope that the boys don't underestimate them, though...

I already have my tickets for the Rangers game, and I may be the most nervous about this one. Hopefully the Islanders do a us a favor tomorrow night and lose so that the Blueshirts clinch their playoff spot. If they're still looking to clinch when they play us, combined with the beating we gave them last time...I don't know. It seems like a banana-skin game for us.

Finally, of course, is our nearest and dearest. At the end of the day, we're a better hockey club than the Leafs, but they have the all-important home ice. If they've already been eliminated, it'll be a lot easier...but, I imagine (like everyone else on the planet) that it'll come down to an us-or-them situation for 8th place (unless Tampa loses their last three games, then they might fall out entirely).

So, what do you all think? Are we going to Buffalo for Game 1, or are we going golfing? I don't know...I just don't know. I'm watching this meaningless Dallas-St.Louis game and it is a poor substitute...hence, the rambly post. :)

However it ends though, I think we should be nothing but proud of this team. Eight wins out of ten to make the last three interesting and important. Whatever the outcome, next season's going to be a much different story...I think we have something special brewing with these kids here.
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