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Never but NEVER

will I buy anything from

I ordered from a Montreal Canadiens hockey jersey
I specified that I wanted it to be customized with Higgins name and have the letters sewn on and not glued on ...I paid for Express Air shipping which would take 3-5 days to arrive
After never rcv'ing a tracking number for my order I called and then they finally sent it to me
The shipping process took 12 days and not 3-5 days AND to make matters worse Purolator didn't even bring it to my house coz they were too busy due to holidays. I had to go pick it up at the local Purolator office to notice once I opened it to check it out that they letter and numbers on the jersey are actually glued fuckin on!!! How cheap is that!!!?????
I immediately called NHL to let them know and they have decided to give me my money back from the shipping (great) but now I am stuck with a jersey thats not even authentic when that is what I wanted!!!!!

So as I started this entry, I mentioned never again will I purchase from NHL and I never will!!! Its unfortunate coz I would of bought a lot of things!!!!!
I am furious as this was-is my boyfriends' Christmas gift!!!

I hope you all think twice before ordering through!!!

*Happy Holidays!*
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