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Go Habs go!

Well, I don't know if that was as exciting in person or on TV as it was on the CJAD radio webfeed, but from where I was sitting with the headphones on, all the way over here in St. John's, that was a great start to the season! My favourite line did well with the points, and it sounded like Hamrlik was in on a lot of the action as well (nice for him to win his thousandth NHL game - I'm glad it was with Montreal!). My only wish would have been fewer penalties, especially stupid ones. Yeah, sometimes taking a penalty is a good defensive move in terms of swapping one evil for another, but it's generally a bad idea.

What are the impressions from the people who could see what was going on as well as hear? I'm still getting used to not being able to see the game, so my impressions may not be the best. (on the bright side, I have Fog Devils tickets for their next home game. Happy days!)
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